WABA (West Australian Boomerang Association) State Championship 2019

Nick Pritchard of Booragoon, Perth, West Australia has won the West Australian Championship for the first time, taking the grand trophy from the Perry father/son duo who shared competition wins for over 10 years from 2008 to 2018.

In hot, shifting wind conditions, sometimes reaching 25-30km/h, Nick fought unrelentingly through all of the competition events with stunning control and sharpness of attack, winning the Accuracy and Aussie Round, and taking 2nd place in Trick Catch, Endurance and Fast Catch. It was unclear who was in front toward the end as Roger Perry and son Grant were closely following Nick’s lead, but when Nick won the final Aussie Round event, Nick’s victory finally became clear.

Chris Johnson took 4th place from Matt Barker, whose play was below his usual standard due to lack of preparation. Notwithstanding, Chris has  improved his play by leaps and bounds, coming 1st place in MTA and fought admirably through the powerful wind in Fast Catch.

Christine Metzakis found good control of her MTA in the winds, claiming a 21.59 secs as her best time. The other women competitors Leonie Metzakis and Angie Perry braved the winds and tried their arms in the Accuracy event.

The competition enjoyed a surprise visit by past champion Gary Mitchell who showed his usual championship style in the few events he played. The BAA is looking forward to seeing Gary again at the upcoming BAA 50th Anniversary Competition.

You may call it pot luck, but after the main events had finished and WABA were busy calculating the scores, Nick Pritchard claimed victory once again as 1st place winner in the Hunting Stick event, making two strikes at the 20m and 30m line, followed by Roger Perry in 2nd and Chris Johnson 3rd. It was evident that Nick achieved mastery of the entire competition events by coming well prepared and determined to win.

It was a superbly run competition by the WABA organisation. The BAA  thanks Christine and Leonie Metzakis and Chris Johnson who together organised the competition venue and administration.

NOTE: Due to a computer miscalculation, there was some confusion with the final results of the competition, which caused a slight delay in getting them published. Some of the trophies held by throwers in the following photo set may not have been those they had actually won. The captions, however, are accurate. Please accept our apologies in the late delivery of the results.

Below are some of the photos taken at the competition. More photos will appear in the next bulletin.

WA State Championship Competition Results 2019

BAA Bulletin Issue 137 March 2019 – 50th Anniversary Special Edition

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BAA Bulletin Issue 137 March 2019

Fedde Engwerda

Fedde Engwerda, former National boomerang champion of the Netherlands passed away last week.

Well known for his “Catch it or Fetch it”  slogan, Fedde had many visits to Australia. His house had Australian things everywhere ! 

His favourite song was “I am Australian” and he loved “Home among the gum trees”.

If you have a Fedde rang or came into contact with this man, please throw and catch a boomerang in Feddes honour, then email the association with the place and time.

I will forward to the family.

The Boomerang family world wide has lost a great ambassador for the boomerang sport.

Rest in peace Fedde.

Bruce Carter

50th Anniversary of the BAA

2019 will see the association reach its 50th year and for its special anniversary, the association will be celebrating with an extra special Annual Nationals Championship event. For more details, go to the Events page.

BAA Bulletin Issue 136 June 2018 – your free publication

This edition includes some fascinating thrower profiles and spotlights. Many thanks to Roger Perry for finding material and providing articles and an additional thank you goes to Angie Perry for proof reading the pages and making it a better bulletin.

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BAA Bulletin Issue 136 June 2018

Australian Nationals 2018 – A hot competition!

The Australian Nationals for 2018 has been fought and won at Lewis Park, Knoxfield, Melbourne on Saturday 10th March. It was an unrelentingly hot summers day, reaching a maximum 35c at 5pm. The parched field, covered in part by tough grass and gravel, radiated heat against legs, arms and faces. It was especially difficult participating in the running events like Endurance, Fast Catch and Trick Catch. Seasoned players persevered and played on while others retired. The last half of Aussie Round, the final event of the day, was voted out of the competition as all competitors were overcome by heat and there needed to be time for the Hunting Stick event.

West Australian Roger Perry once again is Australian Champion, coming 1st in two events – Endurance and MTA. It was a consistent, well sustained and accurate performance from Roger, who in his sixties, out-performed competitors nearly half his age in the searing heat, which would have caused many people his age to give the day away. Roger Perry is the best known thrower in the Southern Hemisphere, beside Rob Croll, both of whom have a long history of fighting hard at World Boomerang tournaments.

There was solid performance from other West Australian’s Grant Perry, who came 2nd, and Matt Barker and Nick Pritchard who finished equally in 3rd place. Chris Johnson, who has not been competing for long, finished in a very respectable 7th place with consistently good results in many of the events. Seasoned throwers Rob Croll and Dave Richardson from Victoria and Simon Bollen from South Australia did as best they could despite injuries. Rob Croll had a blazing round of Fast Catch, finishing 2nd place with 30 secs, only two seconds off winner Nick Pritchard, who got the 5 throws back in 28 seconds.

The above Australian throwers were joined by the lady competitors Chrissie Metzakis, Leonie Metzakis and Angie Perry, who made a good effort in Accuracy, Aussie Round, and Trick Catch, with Chrissie achieving women’s champion of the day. The Nationals also had the pleasure of welcoming Paul Bryden, who threw with masterful grace and control in Accuracy, Aussie Round, and Hunting Stick. Paul was a pleasure to watch. Luc Bordes, who participated in the Nationals 2017 event in South Australia, also competed this year and performed like many of the French boomerang masters, with excellent control in Fast Catch, Accuracy and Trick Catch. In sum, a very tough competition due to the intense heat, but an ultimately rewarding and exciting one nevertheless.

Here are the top 8:

1st: Australian Champion – Roger Perry, 2nd: Grant Perry, 3rd: Nick Pritchard and Matt Barker, 5th: Luc Bordes (France), 6th: Rob Croll, 7th: Chris Johnson, 8th: Dave Richardson

Event Winners:

Trick Catch: Matt Barker (81!), Endurance: Roger Perry (36), Accuracy: Nick Pritchard (69), Fast Catch: Nick Pritchard (28s wind), Aussie Round: Grant Perry (78 1 round only), MTA: Roger Perry (37s)

In the Hunting Stick event, the former World Champion Rob Croll demonstrated his mastery by striking the Skippy target with a blow at the 20m, 30m, and 40m marks. Matt Barker finished 1 point behind in second, with a strike at 30m and 40m. Simon Bollen, who has an excellent arm for swinging the Hunting Stick gave the target a bullseye blow at the 40m mark.

Hunting Stick Top 3:

1st: Rob Croll, 2nd: Matt Barker, 3rd: Simon Bollen

At the AGM, it was agreed that Hunting Stick should be incorporated into the Australian competition events. It is the oldest event but possibly one of the most challenging and it is an exciting re-introduction to the sport of boomerangs, where you will see competitors using large authentic throwing sticks.

Many thanks to Rob Croll who worked hard to organise the event in Victoria and to Kelly and Angie Perry, who recorded the scores and performed other administration to make the day possible.

More results and photographs will follow in the forthcoming Boomerang Bulletin.

Here are just 3 of the photos caught on the day:

Photo 1: From Left

From Left: Luc Bordes, Nick Pritchard, Matt Barker, Roger Perry, Grant Perry

The Nationals Competitors standing beside the “Skippy” target with their Hunting Sticks.

The action! During the Aussie Round event.


Australian Nationals 2018 in Melbourne 10th March

Australian competitors are getting themselves in shape and their boomerangs finely tuned for Australia’s biggest, most popular boomerang event – the Australian Nationals! See the Events page (click Events from the side-menu) for the venue details.

Australian former world champions Rob Croll and Roger Perry will be competing, along with Craig Carter making a welcome return to the sport. Other throwers include among others current Australian champion Grant Perry, Matt Barker, Nick Pritchard, Simon Bollen, Chris Johnson, Chrissie Metzakis and Dave Richardson.

Results of the competition will be published to this website and following the Western Australian competition that will be played late April, a new issue of the increasingly popular BAA bulletin will be published to keep our worldwide throwing community updated with events in Australia and beyond.

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Boomerang Bulletin Issue 135

The Boomerang Bulletin is here for free download. Enjoy news, photos and results of Australia’s biggest boomerang events held this year. This issue includes a wonderful section on aboriginal artefacts on permanent display at the South Australian Museum, which shows a photo of a boomerang made some 20000 years ago. It was found in a swamp.









West Australian Competition 2017 Results (part 1)

Unfortunately, with Perth being one of the windiest coastal cities in the world, throwers arrived to the field Sunday 26th March to find winds soaring across Southern River fields at 35km/h, such as what they endured at last years Nationals event on the same field.

It was decided only two events would be played (Accuracy 100, Hunting Stick) and the competition would be rescheduled for 9th April. Here are the results of the WIND WA Competition Part 1:

Thrower of the day and Wind Master 2017: Matt Barker

Accuracy 100 results:

1st – Matt Barker (51)

2nd – Roger Perry (34)

3rd – Chris Johnson (30)

4th – Grant Perry (28)

Hunting Stick:

1st – Matt Barker (strike 40 and 50m 2nd throw)

2nd – Roger Perry (strike 40 and 50m 3rd throw)

3rd – Chris Johnson (strike 30 and 40m)

4th – Ryan Perry (strike 40m)

See events page for more details about the 9th April Competition reschedule.