Boomerang Bulletin 129 released

The new look Boomerang Bulletin is out, and freely available right here:

Boomerang Bulletin #129

This issue includes news, articles and photos about recent 2014 Australian competitions, including the 2014 World Boomerang Cup, which was held in Perth through April.

Grant Perry BAA champion again

Grant Perry has claimed his third straight overall Australian Championship. At Bob Blackburn Park in Perth on Sunday, he finished ahead of Victorian Rob Croll and fellow West Australian Gary Mitchell. This followed team trials the day before, both being used to choose the two Australian teams to participate in next week’s World Cup (use the link on the left to keep up-to-date on that one).

A number of top international throwers also participated at the Nationals, with Takeshi Honda from Japan actually taking first place (but not eligible to be Aussie Champ, of course).

At the BAA Annual Meeting, Nick Pritchard was one of several changes to the club committee, becoming the new President.

Scores on Roger Perry’s Facebook page.

2014 Boomerang World Cup website launched

The World Cup trophy

The World Cup trophy

The ‘World Cup’ link at the left now takes you to a new site purely about the 2014 Boomerang World Cup to be held in Perth over ten days in April. The World Cup is being run by a committee led by regular World Cup head judge Leonie Metzakis, in collaboration with the Boomerang Association of Australia.

Letters of invitation have now been sent all around the world. Now we start the countdown, after a 14-year absence, for the return to the ancestral country of the Boomerang World Cup.

Grant Perry claims back-to-back Australian titles… and an Aussie record

Grant Perry with the boomerang he scored an Aussie record 90 points in Accuracy.

Grant Perry with the boomerang he scored an Aussie record 90 points in Accuracy.

Adelaide hosted the Nationals this past weekend, with throwers from Western Australia making the trip to compete in mostly near-perfect conditions. Grant placed in all six events on the way to a clear win from father Roger, with Rob Croll in third place overall.

Rob Croll managed to equal the Australian Accuracy-100 record of 88 points, set by Bob Burwell in Japan at the 2006 World Cup — but unfortunately for Rob, Grant had broken that record just a minute earlier by scoring 90!

The BAA committee list has also been updated.

Manu wins Long Distance too!

Manu Schütz celebrates BoomerGang’s win at the 2012 World Cup

Manuel Schütz has followed up on his 2012 World Cup Teams and Individuals wins by taking out the Long Distance title. His winning distance (including full return) was a comparatively mild (by his standards!) 154 metres. Second place went to Brazilian Robson de Oliveira on 126 metres, a new National record. Other results are yet to surface.

EDIT: A fellow BoomerGanger, Italian Andrea Sgattoni, came third with a range of 122 metres.

Perth to host 2014 Boomerang World Cup

The International Federation of Boomerang Associations has awarded the 2014 Boomerang World Cup to a bid from the Boomerang Association of Australia. After 14 long years, the World Cup is returning to Australia!

Some early information can be found at — much more to come! A permanent link has also been added to the list of pages on the left.

The Australian team in Brazil

Grant Perry (WA), Roger Perry (WA), Simon Bollen (SA), Rob Croll (VIC), last-minute replacement Jan Müller-Alstrup (Denmark), Nick Pritchard (WA)

How BoomerGang came first in the World Cup

While the Germans are the 2012 World Champion nation, they were actually beaten by a mixed-nationality team, BoomerGang. It came down to a head-to-head in the final event, Team Relay. The winner took it all, with Japanese, Swiss and Italian throwers taking on the Germans — and winning!

(Thanks to Jason Smucker for the video.)

Rob Croll and Gregg Snouffer silliness…

It’s pretty safe to say that whenever Rob Croll and Gregg Snouffer get together, silliness ensues.

The following two videos from the World Cup this week introduces the marvel that is Ausso-Grip…

Manu Schütz is World Champion again; Roger Perry stars

Manu Schütz has scooted away on a disrupted final day to claim his fourth World Championship, equalling Fridolin Frost’s record. He came fourth in both MTA and Accuracy to comfortably beat Fridolin and Richard Bower.

In what must have seemed a good idea at the time, the decision for the final event of Trick Catch to be thrown in reverse ranking order appears to have ended in farce after the best four throwers could not throw due to the wind becoming crazy strong. The event was therefore not ranked for any thrower (when it was cancelled, American Adam Stankiewicz led on 86 points).

News of the day for me though was the sensational work by Aussie veteran Roger Perry (WA), who placed 10th in MTA (40.91 seconds) and 13th in his not-always-beloved Accuracy (70 points) to rocket up from 21st to his final placing of 13th overall. Fellow Aussie veteran Rob Croll (VIC) held onto 25th; the two of them were clearly the best veterans in the competition.

Grant Perry (VIC) stayed stuck at his overnight 30th place, while Simon Bollen (SA) took 41st in his debut World Cup. Nick Pritchard (WA), also in his debut World Cup but much less experienced, claimed 53rd, beating 14 other throwers from around the world.

The two event winners today were Junji Maiya of Japan, who had his MTA in the air 20 seconds longer than anyone else, with his time of 72.67 seconds. Two other Japanese throwers, Masaya Hamaguchi and Kagemitsu Fukazawa, made it a clean sweep of the places for MTA. Another Japanese thrower, Yuko Kondo, also placed eleventh overall — I believe this is the highest ranking for a female thrower in World Cup history.

Overall third-place winner, Richard Bower of the USA, won Accuracy with a score of 86. Second and third places went to two Italians in Alessandro Benedetti and Andrea Sgattoni, both with 78 points.