Australian Nationals 2018 in Melbourne 10th March

Australian competitors are getting themselves in shape and their boomerangs finely tuned for Australia’s biggest, most popular boomerang event – the Australian Nationals! See the Events page (click Events from the side-menu) for the venue details.

Australian former world champions Rob Croll and Roger Perry will be competing, along with Craig Carter making a welcome return to the sport. Other throwers include among others current Australian champion Grant Perry, Matt Barker, Nick Pritchard, Simon Bollen, Chris Johnson, Chrissie Metzakis and Dave Richardson.

Results of the competition will be published to this website and following the Western Australian competition that will be played late April, a new issue of the increasingly popular BAA bulletin will be published to keep our worldwide throwing community updated with events in Australia and beyond.

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Boomerang Bulletin Issue 135

The Boomerang Bulletin is here for free download. Enjoy news, photos and results of Australia’s biggest boomerang events held this year. This issue includes a wonderful section on aboriginal artefacts on permanent display at the South Australian Museum, which shows a photo of a boomerang made some 20000 years ago. It was found in a swamp.









West Australian Competition 2017 Results (part 1)

Unfortunately, with Perth being one of the windiest coastal cities in the world, throwers arrived to the field Sunday 26th March to find winds soaring across Southern River fields at 35km/h, such as what they endured at last years Nationals event on the same field.

It was decided only two events would be played (Accuracy 100, Hunting Stick) and the competition would be rescheduled for 9th April. Here are the results of the WIND WA Competition Part 1:

Thrower of the day and Wind Master 2017: Matt Barker

Accuracy 100 results:

1st – Matt Barker (51)

2nd – Roger Perry (34)

3rd – Chris Johnson (30)

4th – Grant Perry (28)

Hunting Stick:

1st – Matt Barker (strike 40 and 50m 2nd throw)

2nd – Roger Perry (strike 40 and 50m 3rd throw)

3rd – Chris Johnson (strike 30 and 40m)

4th – Ryan Perry (strike 40m)

See events page for more details about the 9th April Competition reschedule.


Boomerang Competition Days are coming up

The New Year always sees the classic boomerang events in Australia return.

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Brian Kemp

For those who knew Brian, the BAA wishes to advise that Brian has sadly passed away after battling with cancer.

Brian was not well known outside of Australia but well known inside for making art boomerangs, which demonstrated a remarkable hand for fine detail paint work on his boomerangs.

The BAA sends condolences to Brian’s family on their sad loss.

BAA Special Edition Bulletin Issue 134 January 2017 – Kiel World Cup in Photos

This special edition bulletin looks back at the Boomerang World Cup held in Kiel, Germany in July 2016. In it you will see some of the most exciting collection of action and people photographs, which were shortlisted from an enormous set of over 17000 still photographs that the World Cup official photographer Stanislaus Plewinski had taken each day over the entire tournament. The BAA wishes to thank Stanislaus for bringing this edition alive with his most visually arresting photographs, which captured the essence of the action. Enjoy a free publication and share among friends.

NOTE: The BAA has received information from Manuel Schutz, current World Champion, regarding the results page, in which it was stated that USA thrower Kenny Barr achieved a World Record 98 Points in the Kiel World Individuals Championships. Manuel advised that this is a USA record by Kenny, not a World Record. The World Record holders for Accuracy are champion German throwers Fridolin Frost and Alex Opri, both of whom achieved 99 points. The BAA wishes to thank Manuel for passing on this information. Please accept our apologies for the incorrect reporting on the results page.


Kiel World Individuals Championship 2016 Australian and Top 5 Results

The World Boomerang Champion for the Kiel 2016 World Individuals championship is none other than the extraordinarily talented and amazing Manuel Schutz of Switzerland, who has been a reigning champion of the boomerang sport for many years. Manuel’s playing strength is combined with a very intelligent, creative approach, having mastered both the physical aspects of throwing the boomerang (“Manu” uses his whole body as well as his arms when throwing) as well as a developing scientific knowledge of how to build boomerangs – most of what the great “Manu” throws are his own carefully made boomerangs.

In 2nd place was the excellent Logan Broadbent of USA, whose tenacity, power, confidence and consistently strong performance in nearly every event besides a disappointing result in MTA allowed him to finish just above the great German champion Fridolin Frost. Fridolin had a frustrating experience in some of the events which was compounded by developing leg pain, but his 3rd place victory was a cut above his 2014 effort in Perth West Australia, where he finished in 11th. 4th Place went to the great Japanese champion Takeshi Honda of Japan who muscled throughout and in 5th place was Richard Bower of USA, who had an excellent Aussie Round result.

Australians in the Individuals

Australian Champion Grant Perry achieved 18th place, with a best 5th placing in MTA with 43.47 seconds. Second best Australian was Matt Barker in 41st, achieving best Australian scores in Accuracy (67) and Endurance (37 wind!). David Richardson followed on 51st place, followed by Roger Perry on 61st and finally Robert Croll on 73rd.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Boomerang Bulletin, which will show some of the best photographs of the World Cup caught by Stanislaus Plewinski.

Kiel World Cup 2016 Results for Australia

Australian team “Kanga”, captained by Australian Champion Grant Perry and which contained Giosser Braga from Brazil and John Flynn from USA, finished in a rather predictable 8th place in the Kiel World Cup. 8th place is a very respectable placing, in view of the fact that the teams above 8th position were very strong and consistently produced fine results in every event. Team “Kanga” was hoping to beat France 1 for 7th place, but unfortunate results in Endurance, Supercatch, Team Relay and Team Tapir Terror found “Kanga” fall 13 points behind the French champions.

Notwithstanding, for the Australians, it was a very good performance overall,  and with the work of Giosser and John, who boosted performance with some strong throwing in MTA and Australian Round, “Kanga” achieved 2nd place in both the Australian Round and the new event MTA Relay, which are Australia’s best single event results in more than 20 years.

Australian team members were Grant Perry (West Australian Captain), David Richardson (Victoria), Robert Croll (Victoria) and Matt Barker (Western Australia).

The USA team “Return of the Rad” were dynamic, controlled, intuitive, well rehearsed and invincible champions of the cup, finding their way back for a USA first place win since Rome 2010.

It was a superbly organised, well judged, and well run cup. There were some savage protests between the best performing teams, which is to be expected in any highly competitive sport, boomerang throwing being no different, but strong management, good events decision making, competent judging and organisation allowed the cup to continue running smoothly.

The next world cup will be in Albuquerque New Mexico 2018.


Australian Competitions 2016 Special Bulletin Photo Edition

Australia has had its premier boomerang competitions, which were held at Southern River fields, Perth West Australia during early April. The West Australian competition enjoyed breathless wind conditions, which was in dramatic contrast to the semi-storm conditions on the Sunday weekend which followed for the National Australian Boomerang Championships. Throwers had to endure 40+km/h winds, but despite wind tunnel conditions, competitors ploughed through the onslaught and fought admirably well, with Dave Richardson achieving an incredible 39 seconds in Fast Catch, which all other throwers found miraculous in view of the conditions.

Congratulations must go to Grant Perry, who with new-found tenacity, strength of mind and verve, stripped the show with amazing power, fitness and control, in both extremely light winds during the WA Competitions and in the heavy onslaught which descended on the Australian Nationals. “It would have to be the worst wind I’ve thrown in at a Nationals competition”, Grant said. Despite the wind, he won the competition, as well as the WA Championships the week before, which places him firmly by reputation as the best boomerang thrower Australia has. Grant will be Captain of the Australian Boomerang team heading for Kiel, Germany later in the year.

Roger Perry, now in his sexagenarian decade, maintained very strong and consistent performance in both competitions, achieving second place behind son Grant. Dave Richardson performed considerably well in extreme wind, finishing 3rd at the Nationals, and Matt Barker secures his place in the Australian team for Kiel by following Dave in 4th place.

Nick Pritchard found the wind at the Nationals frustrating and impenetrable. However, his performance at the West Australian competition was brilliantly executed and demonstrated the control of a master. The BAA welcomed the cameo appearance of former champion Ian Sproul, who always makes an effort to turn up at the Australian Nationals for a stab at the events.

Following the Nationals, the afternoon finished with a Hunting Stick event. Roger’s son Ryan Perry and his family – Kirsten and children Jaden and Ella, stole the show by striking Skippy several times over the course of the competition, resulting in Skippy deflating to a crazy plastic deformation after Kirsty struck him with a jugular bullseye. To finish off, throwers were allowed just one throw from the 50m line. Matt Barker threw first and everybody fell silent as the Hunting Stick sailed through the air right towards Skippy’s path, striking his head with a strong blow. “How did I do that?”, Matt said. He ran around the field jubilant after his 50m Long Distance strike.

A great many thank yous must go to the following people without whom there would have been no competitions – Roger and Angie Perry for organising, painting the circles, providing the food, creating beautiful trophies and doing just about everything else, Kelly Sumich and Gary Mitchell for their excellent work on collecting and tabulating the scores, both on sheets of paper and in Excel worksheets, and “Chris” who, with an Anomometer, monitored the wind speed conditions at the Australian Nationals from start to finish, which enabled BAA President Roger Perry to make an informed decision to cancel the final events – MTA and Australian Round.

Photo’s of the competition have been captured in the special photo edition of the BAA Boomerang Bulletin. Please click on the link below to open the bulletin page for download, and enjoy!

BAA Editor (Matt Barker)


BAA Bulletin Issue 133 Front Cover