About Us


The Boomerang Association of Australia was formed on 11 September 1969 in Melbourne. The Boomerang Association of Australia is the primary Australian boomerang club, with links to various state and local clubs. The club’s first publication was called Quarterly Newsletter. In 1973, this became the Boomerang Bulletin and there have been over 100 issues of that magazine since then, thus forming the authoritive history of boomerangs in Australia and world-wide. In 1971, the BAA held their inaugural Australian National Boomerang Championships (“the Nationals”) in Albury, New South Wales; since then they have been held annually, all over Australia. In 2002, the BAA Handbook was created. The Handbook is the single most complete compilation of information about boomerangs and the Association ever available, and is regularly updated to record the history of the Association and all things boomerang-related.

If you love making boomerangs, if you relax “into the zone” when throwing them, if you want to see or make all sorts of amazing achievements with them, or if sport is what you really thrill to, you have the chance to participate in the heat of a Boomerang World Cup, which provides the opportunity to join a global throwing community… come join us now!

Committee Members (and location)

Roger Perry — Perth, WA
Simon Bollen — Adelaide, SA
Nick Pritchard — Perth, WA
Jane Pritchard — Perth, WA
Matt Barker  — Perth, WA
Bruce Carter — Melbourne, VIC

State Representatives

New South Wales
Paul Craft — Brisbane, QLD
South Australia
Simon Bollen — Adelaide, SA
David J Richardson — Melbourne, VIC
Western Australia
Grant Perry — Perth, WA