Australian Champion 8th best Boomerang Thrower in Europe

Australian champion Grant Perry and father Roger Perry flew to Mallorca, Spain to compete in the 2015 European Boomerang Championships.

Grant secured his reputation as one of the 10 best boomerang throwers in the world by finishing in 8th place after two days of competition, held over 29-30th June. His father finished in a very respectable 30th place among a total of 56 competitors, most of whom are half his age.

Grant came 2nd in MTA (Maximum Time Aloft) with 37.61 seconds, behind German champion Fridolin Frost who achieved 38.58 seconds (less than a second difference!), which involves throwing an especially light boomerang with thin aerofoils and long edges as hard as necessary so that it stays up as long as possible and is finally caught within a 100m diameter circle. He came 10th in Endurance and 11th in Accuracy, some of boomerang throwings most challenging events.

Grant, among other throwers, was busy keeping his progress updated on Facebook throughout the competition, and after it finished, father Roger Perry posted a photo of his son with his trophies with the text “Proud father am I”. Grant said there was tricky winds in Mallorca, and it was very warm weather for working up some sweat, but the winds at least allowed good results to be possible and he was overall elated with his result. In the final days of his European holiday, he relaxed with girlfriend Kelly Sumich at the beach and the hotel, and dined at some of Mallorca’s best restaurants. Grant loves dining out with Kelly often and describes himself as a great “foodie”.

Congratulations Grant Perry, who is now firmly seeded as one of the worlds greatest boomerang throwers!


Grant Mallorca

Grant Perry leaping up to secure a catch in what appears to be the Aussie Round event. Mallorca, Spain 2015.


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