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This edition includes some fascinating thrower profiles and spotlights. Many thanks to Roger Perry for finding material and providing articles and an additional thank you goes to Angie Perry for proof reading the pages and making it a better bulletin.

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BAA Bulletin Issue 136 June 2018


  1. Tony Butz
    Posted 17 September 2018 at 5:46 pm | Permalink

    Hello, fellow throwers.
    Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the BAA, a truly significant milestone. I wrote the history of the first 25 years of the BAA [published in the BAA Bulletin] 24 years ago.
    Is someone going to write up the last 25 years to complete the picture thus far? Are there going to be any special celebrations and events?
    I note also that my article, “What is a Boomerang?” is still around. I also wrote one on “Aboriginal Hunting Sticks” which I don’t see so much. Later, I expanded and updated the two articles, combining them in 2016 for a talk to a historical society, entitled “Boomerangs and Kuburras”. It got very good reception and I gave the talk to other organisations 7 times in one year. For those interested, the talk can be found at then go to members’ talks and find the article.
    May your rangs always return…but not your kuburras.
    Best wishes,
    Tony Butz

  2. Matt Barker
    Posted 31 October 2018 at 2:03 am | Permalink

    Hi Tony

    It will be a special occasion next year to mark the 50th Anniversary of the BAA, quite a long history it has had. There will be a special annual BAA boomerang competition event in Perth next year in early April. Keep updated by clicking on the Events Page.

    Your article What is a Boomerang is a very good and enduring one that we prefer to keep! We thank you again for your excellent contribution.

    I will forward your Email to the committee and will take the time to read your talk at the website you mention. Upon your permission, we may incorporate the talk into one of the web pages.

    The site does require updating, but my time is taken up with work commitments and family and time spent on producing the BAA Bulletin. A new bulletin will be posted shortly! I intend to update this site eventually and will contact you again to discuss what material you might have to add interest to the site.


    Matt Barker
    BAA Editor

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