Fedde Engwerda

Fedde Engwerda, former National boomerang champion of the Netherlands passed away last week.

Well known for his “Catch it or Fetch it”  slogan, Fedde had many visits to Australia. His house had Australian things everywhere ! 

His favourite song was “I am Australian” and he loved “Home among the gum trees”.

If you have a Fedde rang or came into contact with this man, please throw and catch a boomerang in Feddes honour, then email the association with the place and time.

I will forward to the family.

The Boomerang family world wide has lost a great ambassador for the boomerang sport.

Rest in peace Fedde.

Bruce Carter


  1. Harold Hoogenboom
    Posted 15 March 2019 at 7:36 am | Permalink

    Today I read that Fedde passed away. I’m shocked and was unaware this happened almost 2 months ago. I met Fedde a few times and had a nice friendship with him during the few years we knew eachother. We made eachother a nice aussie-round boomerang and his will certainly fly through the air once the weather improves. It’s his typical no-waste boomerang made out of what he calls “bullet proof” lexane. He told me to never leave the field without a last catch, which I kept in mind. He will be really missed. I wish I had met him sooner and was never able to throw with him on his hometurf in “Nunspeet”. He loved to wear australian boomerang t-shirts with decorated boomerangs on them, and he spoke a lot of Bruce Carter. Rest in peace Fedde.

  2. Matt Barker
    Posted 29 March 2019 at 3:04 am | Permalink

    Thanks for sharing your memory of Fedde Harold. I will pass on your memory of him to the committee and members.

    Matt Barker
    BAA Editor

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