Why Join?

Membership to the Boomerang Association of Australia entitles one to the latest edition of the BAA Handbook, qualification to enter the National Australian Boomerang Competition, as well as selection and sponsorship for the bi-annual Boomerang World Cup or other events.

The Boomerang Bulletin is now free and published to this website at least once per annum.

Membership rates for 2018 includes a quality cool design boomerang and the rates are as follows:

  • $10 junior membership (less than 16 years)
  • $10 ordinary membership non-competitive throwers
  • $15 veteran membership (55 years and over) – free boomerang
  • $15 membership all ages – free boomerang
  • $25 family membership – 2 free boomerangs
  • $10 overseas membership
  • $15 overseas memberships – free boomerang plus shipping cost

2018 Membership Form with complete Payment Details (includes information for overseas payments)

If you prefer, you can use the BAA Membership form to join and make payments using the contact and payment details provided:

Membership Form Link

Using the Online Form

It is easier and faster to use the online form below to register your membership. Existing members can also update their details using the same form.

NOTE: if you need to make a direct deposit or pay by Paypal, the account information you need will pop up at the bottom after you submit your details. If you miss that, just contact us or download the BAA Membership Form, which includes complete BAA payment details.

Important – Please note that this is not a pay site. The online form on this web page will not make the membership payments direct. It is only used to submit your details to the BAA and advise them of your payment method. You will need to use online banking or login to your Paypal account separately to make payment via electronic methods.

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Enter your details below — if you are not applying for a Family membership, you only need to fill in the first line. If there are more than five people in your Family, please insert information on the remaining people in the "Other comments" field at the bottom of this form.

Number of people on this membership:

Gender Title First Name Initials Last Name Preferred
eg. Male Mr William W Willardson Billy 29 Feb 1980

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