Kiel World Cup 2016 Results for Australia

Australian team “Kanga”, captained by Australian Champion Grant Perry and which contained Giosser Braga from Brazil and John Flynn from USA, finished in a rather predictable 8th place in the Kiel World Cup. 8th place is a very respectable placing, in view of the fact that the teams above 8th position were very strong and consistently produced fine results in every event. Team “Kanga” was hoping to beat France 1 for 7th place, but unfortunate results in Endurance, Supercatch, Team Relay and Team Tapir Terror found “Kanga” fall 13 points behind the French champions.

Notwithstanding, for the Australians, it was a very good performance overall,  and with the work of Giosser and John, who boosted performance with some strong throwing in MTA and Australian Round, “Kanga” achieved 2nd place in both the Australian Round and the new event MTA Relay, which are Australia’s best single event results in more than 20 years.

Australian team members were Grant Perry (West Australian Captain), David Richardson (Victoria), Robert Croll (Victoria) and Matt Barker (Western Australia).

The USA team “Return of the Rad” were dynamic, controlled, intuitive, well rehearsed and invincible champions of the cup, finding their way back for a USA first place win since Rome 2010.

It was a superbly organised, well judged, and well run cup. There were some savage protests between the best performing teams, which is to be expected in any highly competitive sport, boomerang throwing being no different, but strong management, good events decision making, competent judging and organisation allowed the cup to continue running smoothly.

The next world cup will be in Albuquerque New Mexico 2018.


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