Kiel World Individuals Championship 2016 Australian and Top 5 Results

The World Boomerang Champion for the Kiel 2016 World Individuals championship is none other than the extraordinarily talented and amazing Manuel Schutz of Switzerland, who has been a reigning champion of the boomerang sport for many years. Manuel’s playing strength is combined with a very intelligent, creative approach, having mastered both the physical aspects of throwing the boomerang (“Manu” uses his whole body as well as his arms when throwing) as well as a developing scientific knowledge of how to build boomerangs – most of what the great “Manu” throws are his own carefully made boomerangs.

In 2nd place was the excellent Logan Broadbent of USA, whose tenacity, power, confidence and consistently strong performance in nearly every event besides a disappointing result in MTA allowed him to finish just above the great German champion Fridolin Frost. Fridolin had a frustrating experience in some of the events which was compounded by developing leg pain, but his 3rd place victory was a cut above his 2014 effort in Perth West Australia, where he finished in 11th. 4th Place went to the great Japanese champion Takeshi Honda of Japan who muscled throughout and in 5th place was Richard Bower of USA, who had an excellent Aussie Round result.

Australians in the Individuals

Australian Champion Grant Perry achieved 18th place, with a best 5th placing in MTA with 43.47 seconds. Second best Australian was Matt Barker in 41st, achieving best Australian scores in Accuracy (67) and Endurance (37 wind!). David Richardson followed on 51st place, followed by Roger Perry on 61st and finally Robert Croll on 73rd.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Boomerang Bulletin, which will show some of the best photographs of the World Cup caught by Stanislaus Plewinski.

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