Manu Schütz is World Champion again; Roger Perry stars

Manu Schütz has scooted away on a disrupted final day to claim his fourth World Championship, equalling Fridolin Frost’s record. He came fourth in both MTA and Accuracy to comfortably beat Fridolin and Richard Bower.

In what must have seemed a good idea at the time, the decision for the final event of Trick Catch to be thrown in reverse ranking order appears to have ended in farce after the best four throwers could not throw due to the wind becoming crazy strong. The event was therefore not ranked for any thrower (when it was cancelled, American Adam Stankiewicz led on 86 points).

News of the day for me though was the sensational work by Aussie veteran Roger Perry (WA), who placed 10th in MTA (40.91 seconds) and 13th in his not-always-beloved Accuracy (70 points) to rocket up from 21st to his final placing of 13th overall. Fellow Aussie veteran Rob Croll (VIC) held onto 25th; the two of them were clearly the best veterans in the competition.

Grant Perry (VIC) stayed stuck at his overnight 30th place, while Simon Bollen (SA) took 41st in his debut World Cup. Nick Pritchard (WA), also in his debut World Cup but much less experienced, claimed 53rd, beating 14 other throwers from around the world.

The two event winners today were Junji Maiya of Japan, who had his MTA in the air 20 seconds longer than anyone else, with his time of 72.67 seconds. Two other Japanese throwers, Masaya Hamaguchi and Kagemitsu Fukazawa, made it a clean sweep of the places for MTA. Another Japanese thrower, Yuko Kondo, also placed eleventh overall — I believe this is the highest ranking for a female thrower in World Cup history.

Overall third-place winner, Richard Bower of the USA, won Accuracy with a score of 86. Second and third places went to two Italians in Alessandro Benedetti and Andrea Sgattoni, both with 78 points.

First day of 2012 World Cup individual competition

The collective winners of seven World Titles sit at the top of the heap after Aussie Round, Fast Catch, and Endurance were completed on day one of the 2012 Individual World Cup. German Fridolin Frost (winner in 1992, 1998, 2006, and 2008) is a solitary ranking point ahead of Swissman Manuel Schütz (winner in 2000, 2002, and 2004). It would appear only American Richard Bower remains in the battle for first place, as he sits just 2.5 points behind Manu.

A surprise in fourth place is local Brazilian thrower Eduardo Mistico. Another Brazilian, André Caixeta Ribeiro, also won the Fast Catch event with a time of 18.43 seconds. Many of the other usual suspects fill the rest of the top ten, with veteran German thrower Günter Möller a slight surprise in sixth spot, no small part of that due to him winning Aussie Round with a score of 85 points.

Two-time world champion Robby Croll (1988, 1996) from Melbourne sits in a very healthy 16th spot. Another Australian veteran, Roger Perry, sits in 21st place. Rob and Roger shared eighth place in the Aussie Round event.

Grant Perry and Simon Bollen are also in the top half of the competition, at 30th and 31st, with three top 20 event placings between them.

Germany wins 2012 Boomerang World Cup

2012 German team Re-Motions

The German club site is reporting Germany’s “Re-motions” team has won the 2012 teams title. We’re yet to see any other scores or reports on the third and final day of the teams competition.

The Individual Championship is due to start on Thursday 25th October.

UPDATE: The final teams scores are now up. The mixed-nationality team BoomerGang actually finished first, but were not eligible to be awarded the World Cup. The Australian team remained stubbornly stuck in the middle of the pack, finishing eighth overall.

First day of the Boomerang World Cup in Brazil

The first of three days of the teams competition in the 2012 Boomerang World Cup, just outside São Paulo, has come to an end. You can follow the scores day-by-day on the German boomerang scores site.

An out-of-date list of team members can be found on the WBC 2012 site. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you an update on that shortly.

After the first day the mixed team BoomerGang (which apparently includes the likes of three-time individual World Champion Manuel Schütz, the top two Italian throwers Andrea Sgattoni and Alessandro Benedetti, and Dutchman Lars Overzee) has the tiniest of leads on the top German team, with the main American and Japanese teams a chunk of ranking points behind already.

The Australians are currently smack bang in the middle of the field at eighth overall, with their best result in Team Supercatch, where they were well clear of most of the teams.

Welcome to the new website!

Welcome to the new BAA website! The site is a lot more interactive (comment on any posts made, or ask to become a ‘contributor’ and submit your own news, reviews, or other tidbits), restores a range of photos that went missing on the old website (with more to be posted), and features all the mod cons like proper site searching (try it up the top right). The links page also has a pretty comprehensive list of videos involving Australian throwers, for the first time.

You can ‘subscribe’ to our news or comments feeds, and also to our calendar of coming events (still to be fully populated), which will ensure you automatically get informed of any updates.

There might be a few rough edges to start with, and we have further ambitions, so comments are very welcome on the new site. And you can do just that by clicking the link at the top right of this article!

2012 Western Australian Championships

Grant Perry, Roger Perry, Ian Sproul

Roger Perry is once more the champion of the west, after proving consistency is far from over-rated. Roger came first or second in all six events, while son Grant won four events but plunged to sixth in the remaining two. Ian Sproul came third.

Early morning extremely windy conditions had most throwers worried. By the time warm-up had started the windy conditions had eased a little.

Accuracy event was up first and any score above zero was gladly taken. Only four throwers scored perfect tens (7 out of 110 throws). The windy conditions pushed some competitors over the edge. Roger took first place, Ian second, and Ryan Perry in third.

Next up was Fast Catch where safe rounds around 35 seconds seemed to be the order of the day, with Grant pushing into the high twenties. Ian, after getting just one catch in the first round and no catches in his warm-up, managed to find a time from nowhere to steal third place from Matt Barker.

I left a stack of fast catch and endurance booms in my room, but still managed to put up a time to get fifth.

Endurance was next and the throwers now had to contend with the wind picking up, and dropping off, which seemed to effect the second round of throwers more. Grant took first, Roger second, and Ryan came third.

Trick Catch followed and again the wind made it tough going. Matt and Grant were both able to hang on to a foot catch. Grant finished first, Roger second and Matt third.

M.T.A. became a throw and run-for-your-life event. Grant sent an MTA, which wasn’t his, over several fields. While the field watched Grant chase the MTA to the edge of the earth we all tried to catch our breath! Grant won with a time of 21.98 with Roger and Matt close behind.

The biggest upset of the day came in Aussie Round with one competitor (Grant!) scoring seven zeros, and a John McEnroe impersonation that still brings a smile to my face. Leaving Roger first place with 96, myself second with 92, and Ian close behind.

The overall winner was a happy Roger Perry, with Grant Perry in second place and Ian Sproul in third.

Introduction to boomerangs video

Roger Perry (with help from son Grant) has recently produced a fantastic introductory video to the world of throwing boomerangs. Almost certainly the best of its type ever created!

2012 World Cup team announced

The 2012 World Cup mascot

The Australian team for the 2012 World Cup to be held in São Paulo, Brazil, has been announced:

  • Roger and Grant Perry (WA)
  • Rob Croll (VIC)
  • Nick Pritchard (WA, debut World Cup)
  • Simon Bollen (SA, debut World Cup)
  • Gary Broadbent (USA, honourary Australian!)

The World Cup starts on October 17 — more information can be found at

2012 Australian Championship report

The 2012 Australian National Championships returned to the site used in 2010, Lewis Park in Melbourne. Despite substantial rain in the weeks leading up to the Nationals (and then on the night before), the ground had drained very well and the surface was excellent. Winds were generally light to medium, but were often swirly and hard to judge. A small field of local throwers were joined by one South Australian (Simon Bollen) and a bevy of Western Australians.

After a stunning start in the 2011 Nationals was halted by a knee injury, this time Grant Perry would not be denied his first Australian overall title. Grant won four events, and came second in the other two, to be a runaway winner.

Next year: we’re doing something different. For the first time since 1986, Adelaide will host the Nationals. Let’s hope it sparks a renaissance of sorts there!

2011 Australian Championship report

Craig Carter has reached a historic high by being only the second Australian to win more than three BAA Championships with his victory in Fremantle this year. Only Rob Croll, who came fifth this year, has won more, with his stunning total of ten titles. Surprisingly, Craig won despite only placing in two of the six events: he won Endurance, and was beaten into second place in Aussie Round by Roger Perry.

Top three at the 2011 Nationals, from left: Gary Mitchell, Craig Carter, and Ian Sproul

The overcast and blustery conditions meant that most throwers suffered badly in at least one event, and Craig was consistent enough to claim the title. Earlier, Grant Perry had started the day by winning both Accuracy and Fast Catch, before suffering a knee injury during Endurance (but placing third in that event regardless). Ian Sproul, Gary Mitchell, Josh Smith and Rob Croll filled out second through fifth place overall, with extremely little between them.

Other wins for the day were by Gary Mitchell (Trick Catch) and South Australian debutant Simon Bollen (MTA). Nils Buerger of Germany was the sole international competitor.

The weekend also saw Gary Mitchell, Simon Bollen, and both Roger and Grant Perry added to the BAA committee, with Leonie Metzakis remaining as President. Our thanks go to outgoing Vice-President Petry Lewry and South Australian representative Barrie Forsyth for their service.