2011 Australian Championship report

Craig Carter has reached a historic high by being only the second Australian to win more than three BAA Championships with his victory in Fremantle this year. Only Rob Croll, who came fifth this year, has won more, with his stunning total of ten titles. Surprisingly, Craig won despite only placing in two of the six events: he won Endurance, and was beaten into second place in Aussie Round by Roger Perry.

Top three at the 2011 Nationals, from left: Gary Mitchell, Craig Carter, and Ian Sproul

The overcast and blustery conditions meant that most throwers suffered badly in at least one event, and Craig was consistent enough to claim the title. Earlier, Grant Perry had started the day by winning both Accuracy and Fast Catch, before suffering a knee injury during Endurance (but placing third in that event regardless). Ian Sproul, Gary Mitchell, Josh Smith and Rob Croll filled out second through fifth place overall, with extremely little between them.

Other wins for the day were by Gary Mitchell (Trick Catch) and South Australian debutant Simon Bollen (MTA). Nils Buerger of Germany was the sole international competitor.

The weekend also saw Gary Mitchell, Simon Bollen, and both Roger and Grant Perry added to the BAA committee, with Leonie Metzakis remaining as President. Our thanks go to outgoing Vice-President Petry Lewry and South Australian representative Barrie Forsyth for their service.

2010 World Cup report

The biennial Boomerang World Cup was completed in Rome in June, with Germany conceding the teams title for the first time since 2002. The ‘Rad Revolution’ team from the USA (Dan and Richard Bower, Billy Brazelton, Logan Broadbent, Matt Golenor, and Dan Johnson, with Gregg Snouffer as coach) secured a large lead over the Germans in the very first event (SuperCatch), and then held that lead over the next three days.

2010 Australian team, from left: Josh Smith, Roger and Grant Perry, Rob Croll, David J Richardson, and Craig Carter

Josh Smith, Roger and Grant Perry, Rob Croll, David J RIchardson and Craig Carter The Australian team had a rocky start on the first day, but on each following day they moved up the ladder, eventually finishing ninth in the field of twenty teams.

For the first time in a decade, the individual competition delivered a new champion, with 2006 and 2008 champion Fridolin Frost of Germany and 2000-2004 champion Manuel Schütz of Switerland relegated to second and third place respectively. The new world champion, by a substantial margin, is German Alex Opri, who won both the Aussie Round and Trick Catch events, and was only beaten by a new world record in MTA.

That new MTA world record was a stunning two minutes 19.10 seconds, set by young Nick Citoli of the USA. This was one of the few events in both tournaments that was not made more difficult by contrary winds, and Nick certainly used it to advantage, extending the 13-year MTA-100 record of Eric Darnell by almost 35 seconds.
At much the same time, a second record was being broken: Billy Brazelton put his boomerang in the air for a stunning six minutes 20.59 seconds, and while he made his catch outside the 100 metre circle and therefore was given no score for it, it allowed him to shatter the previous MTA-Unlimited record by over two-and-a-half minutes.

Our records page has now been updated to show these changes (we apologise for the delay reporting all this — because the MTA-Unlimited time was not recorded in the official scores, it took a while to track down!)

The best Australian result in the individual championship came from Grant Perry of Perth, who placed nineteenth overall. With a not much better fast catch score he could have been in the top ten in the world. Father Roger placed a credible thirty-second, including a top ten result in Accuracy, with the next best Aussie being previous world champion Rob Croll at fortieth. Full scores can be found on the German Boomerang Club’s website.

The 2012 World Cup has been assigned to Sao Paolo, Brazil, and work is proceeding to bring the World Cup back to Australia (Perth, in particular) in 2014.

2010 Australian Championship report

Some unique trophies from Rob Croll for the 2010 Nationals

Craig Carter has claimed his third Australian National Championship with a strong victory in windy conditions in Wantirna, Melbourne. Winning four of the six events, he was a clear winner over Rob Croll and David J Richardson, second and third respectively. The highlight of the Nationals was a score of 92 out of 100 in Aussie Round by Craig in the closing moments of the tournament, with his last three throws being perfect 50 metre returns to the centre circle.

One week later on the other side of the continent, fellow 2010 Australian Team member Grant Perry broke the eight-year-old MTA-100 record of his father, keeping his boomerang in the air for one minute and 20.82 seconds before completing his catch. Father Roger managed to hold onto the Western Australian title though, relegating Grant to second place, with Josh Smith in third.

In ten days time, Roger (as captain), Grant, Josh, Craig, Rob, and David will go into action as the BAA Australian team at the 2010 Boomerang World Cup being held in Rome, Italy.

Please also welcome Leonie Metzkais back as President, and Bruce Carter and Leanne Loveland into the committee.

Hamish & Andy’s Bi-bi-tri-biathlon

Hamish & Andy joined us to throw some boomerangs

Boomerang throwing joined table tennis and twenty-two other sports as part of this weekend’s Bi-bi-tri-biathlon by Hamish and Andy of radio and television fame. Bruce Carter did the calling as sons Craig and Trent, Rob Croll, Jarrod Byham, David J Richardson, and Sadir Kattan helped form two teams competing in an indoor relay and then trick catch competition.

Footage from the Bi-bi-tri-biathlon will be shown on Monday’s The 7PM Project. Rob Croll presented the pair with some non-indoor rangs as thanks.

In other news, the 2010 National Championships have been scheduled for May 1-2 in Melbourne at the Knox Retarding Basin in Scoresby, and issue 125 of the Boomerang Bulletin was mailed out recently.

2009 Australian Championship report

Craig Carter has claimed his second Australian National Championship win as part of a Victorian sweep of the overall placings for 2009. Craig was clearly the best thrower, winning four of the six events, only conceding Endurance to Rob Croll (second overall) and and MTA to David J Richardson (third overall). Jordan Neville, Margaret Patterson, and Leonie Metzakis won the Junior, Ladies, and Veteran titles respectively. Full scores will be posted soon.

The action of the weekend was comprehensively filmed for use in a documentary for which funding is currently being considered by Screen Australia. But that’s not the only recent action on show: this Wednesday evening (May 6), the ‘Travel Oz’ program on the ABC has some great coverage of action from New South Wales.

The latest edition of the Boomerang Bulletin, edited by Bob Burwell, has also just been printed, and will be mailed out shortly.

Stunning new world record for Consecutive Catch

The world record for consecutive catch has been smashed in recent days, with Haruki Taketomi of Japan throwing for eleven hours and forty-one minutes to complete 2251 catches — almost 1000 more than the previous record. Our congratulations to Haruki for this herculean effort!

Our boomerang throwing record list has been updated accordingly. In addition, Australian female records have been compiled for the first time and are also now available there: belated congratulations to Margaret Patterson, Christene Metzakis, Louise Molluso, and Janet Barrass! Several other corrections have been made, thereby handing Jarrod Byham two more Junior records, and restoring one to Chris Westall.

2008 NSW Championship report

Tim Lendrum has comfortably retained his New South Wales State Title at the final event of the year, held in Penrith. The day started with Angelo Molusso throwing 43 to win Accuracy 50. Tim literally rose to the challenge with his final throw in MTA, keeping it up for 56 seconds despite the dull conditions. This allowed him to pinch the win from promising newcomer Adrian Bates, who had set the bar high earlier with a 51 second throw of an Adam Carroll paxolin “Oxygen”.

Tim then won Aussie Round, before the winds abruptly changed to strong and gusty. In those conditions, visiting Victorian David J Richardson made his run for the tournament (though not the NSW Title) win by claiming the final two events, Trick Catch and Fast Catch. Ultimately he fell short, with Tim winning the tournament by 11 overall ranking points to David’s 12.

Margaret Patterson won the Ladies Title, with husband Terry the Veteran champion.

2008 World Cup report #3

Apologies for the slow update — your news hound is still travelling, and finally has a moment to report…

What niggling injury (see our previous update)? Fridolin Frost from Germany has blown away the competition with a stunning performance to claim his fourth world title, something no one has ever done before. The next three men (Manu Schutz of Switzerland, Alex Opri of Germany, and Billy Brazelton of the USA) were each the recipients of three times as many ranking points, and Aussie Round was the only event in which Frido did not place in the top three throwers within the thrower field of about 100. Manu was the only other thrower to place in the top three more than once, further emphasising the margin Frido won by. He stamped his competition win by setting a personal best in the final event, Endurance (74 catches, with no drops).

The best of the Australians was Grant Perry, though he slid to 31 after a strong first day. The bulk of the Australians were in a tight bunch in the forties, with Craig Carter coming home rapidly (tenth fastest Fast Catch in the world) to lead that bunch. While he was pipped at the line by Craig, Jarrod Byham has cause to celebrate too, as he rattled off 61 catches in Endurance, breaking Rob Croll’s previous Australian record of 59 catches. That also earned him ninth place overall for Endurance.

Rob had his moment of record glory one day later when he beat his own Australian Consecutive Catch record, stretching it to 768 in the Seattle rain and wind.

Of the Australians who completed the individuals tournament (Gary Mitchell was forced to withdraw with injury after an otherwise solid start in MTA), Matt Barker, in his debut World Cup, was the only one to slip out of the top half of the competition (70th).

Unlike the teams tournament, the individuals tournament was thankfully not a victim of persistent rain! Both days were relatively windless, though at times the variable directions of said wind was a distinct challenge.

The next Boomerang World Cup has been awarded to the bid from Rome, Italy, and will most likely be held in August 2010.

2008 World Cup report #2

After four days of rain (in, of all places, Seattle), the World Cup Teams Tournament has been completed; and once more, the #1 German team, B-Motions, are the World Champions. The #1 US team was second, just ahead of the Swiss team.

The Australian team was in the thick of the action, coming tenth amongst the eighteen teams. Unfortunately both Jarrod and Gary were nursing injuries come the last day. Jarrod was pretty much forced to run the final event, Relay, despite a nagging hamstring; but it didn’t stop him, and he gutted it out, and made a sensational one-hand catch along the way as well.

After a see-sawing side-battle, the team with a mixture of Western Australian and French throwers finished a handful of points ahead in ninth place.

A lowlight was when one of the throwers from team BoomHERang broke both lower leg bones when her ankle went sideways as she set off after her MTA. In a response indicative of the family nature of the sport, over $1000 was raised that day to help cover her medical expenses.

Conditions were tough; it was raining much of the time, with variable and sometimes strong winds on a relatively small field.

The individuals’ tournament starts tomorrow; with no rest, and a number of key throwers with niggling or limiting injuries (including reigning champion Fridolin Frost from Germany), it will be interesting to see how it unfolds. Maximum Time Aloft and Aussie Round are the events for the first day.

2008 World Cup report #1

The first day of the World Cup has taken place, with four events held in persistently drizzly conditions with variable winds. The events today were Accuracy, Aussie Round, SuperCatch and MTA-100, with Australia’s best result being fourth in, appropriately, Aussie Round. The #1 German team holds a slight lead overall at the end of the day, with two more days to come.