West Australian Boomerang Championship 2015 Results

Sunday 29th March 2015 has to go down in WA boomerang sporting history as providing the most favourable conditions for the days play, as past competitions have nearly always been ruined by impossible Perth winds.

Everybody who participated enjoyed higher than average scores and what was most surprising was to see veteran sexagenarian Roger Perry fighting his way through the 6 hour day to keep well clear of the 8 other competitors who trailed closely behind. Roger became WA Champion, after many months recovering from knee surgery and a lingering sense of loss that he may never participate professionally in the sport again. His work on Sunday was astonishing, even in running events like Trick Catch, MTA and Fast Catch, during which the gentle winds nudged his boomerangs along an agreeable trajectory, which allowed him time for his mechanical knee to run to a close enough spot to secure a catch. He achieved a remarkable 62 catches (Australian record?)  in a stunningly persistent, furious and noisy Endurance round, was tight in Fast Catch with a razor clean 5 catches on the spot, Trick Catch found him even excel in Doubling, finishing on 90 points, and the only disappointment to him was a less than satisfactory result in Aussie Round when the wind began to pick up speed and send menacing pushes against what would have otherwise been more predictable flight paths.

Roger’s son and several times Australian Champion, Grant Perry, fought hard, cursed in some events where he believed he could have done better, was distracted in Fast Catch after throwing two that were shy of the 20m line, but in the second round he blitzed Fast with a respectable 26.93 secs, losing a little time on the first throw where he had to leave the centre circle for the catch and then run back. Grant was the only player who got 20 points for a throw in Aussie Round. Aussie Round was less than satisfactory for many of the experienced throwers, so it will be back to serious training for this event! Matt Barker enjoyed a fine and consistent day of performance after hellish muscle pain plagued the day for him in Melbourne during the Nationals competition. Matt came 2nd or 3rd in nearly all of the events, and he was quietly elated after coming 3rd in Accuracy, the event which has always been his personal enemy. Nick Pritchard fought well but disappointing attempts in Accuracy and Aussie Round lost his campaign to beat the invincible Perry’s. The day welcomed newcomers “Toby” and Tim Chadwick, both of whom found the day quite gruelling and overlong, but persisted nevertheless to achieve competition level results in MTA, Accuracy and Aussie Round. Angie Perry had a wonderful start in Accuracy and experienced throwers proceeded to shrink when she scored 10 and 8 point throws in the first round, but she unfortunately lost her boomerang groove to shifting winds in the final round. Mike Bryant came equal with Matt Barker in Endurance with 40 catches, but as the day progressed, Mike lost some of his usual drive, as he found the day too long and maybe he is right? Results overall:-

Roger Perry – State Champion (again!)

Grant Perry – 2nd

Matt Barker – 3rd

Congratulations to the seasoned master Roger Perry for becoming the 2015 WA State Boomerang Champion! It was truly an astonishing effort. And thanks must go to Angie Perry who provided fruit and beverages, and for Kelly Sumich’s tireless patience in carefully preparing and recording the scores.

Pictured below: Roger Perry 1st Place (centre), Grant Perry 2nd Place (left) and Matt Barker 3rd.

photo 3photo 2

The results in detail:

West Australian Championship 2015 Results

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